The 2016 Handbag Trends Every ESSE Woman Wants

2016 handbag trends? The ESSE woman looks at the big picture!

When it comes to handbag trends, what better place to look at what women have been drawn to in decades past than ESSE Purse Museum? The permanent exhibit at ESSE explores the history of the 20th-century American woman through her ever-changing handbags and their contents.

If you’re looking for 2016 handbag trends, well-known designers, and instant-brand-recognition purses, though, The Store at ESSE is probably not your bag. But, if you’re looking for statement pieces, investment bags, or the perfect purse to reflect your inner personality and help you stand out from the masses, you’ve hit the right spot.

What Makes an ESSE Woman?

ESSE women—as we like to think of our customers, be they 16 or 70—are the opposite of trendy: An ESSE woman thinks about HER essence, individuality, and ethics rather than this year’s handbag trends or brands that appeal to the general fashion audience. She’s an independent thinker who makes independent fashion statements – a discoverer, not a follower, who seeks the extraordinarily uncommon in life and fashion – and is willing to invest the time and money it might take to find her essential bag (or brooch, bracelet, or earrings – the jewelry at ESSE follows the same vetting process).

Be an ESSE Trendsetter

So, what is the ESSE woman going to love carrying in 2016?

An ESSE woman recognizes the meticulously made statement pieces that are Anya Sushko bags, and – though she loves knowing Anya trained with Alexander McQueen – she’s proud to invest her money in a timeless piece by a talented young maker.

Instead of following pre-destined 2016 handbag trends (or trends of any kind, any year), the ESSE woman seeks out pieces – bags or jewelry – that are seasonless and ageless. She’s a lover of indie design, like Chemical Wedding’s wondrous bags crafted in Seattle, some from upcycled and recycled leather. And she loves supporting the indie designers who pour their hearts, souls, and artistic talents into each item they make.

Since she loves the unconventional and original, the ESSE shopper is drawn to Kent Stetson’s fabulously unusual envelope clutches and is delighted to learn about the creative process that takes the initial idea to the final product.

Jo Bags, with their functional simplicity and understated glamour, are high on the ESSE woman’s list of desirability, whether canvas, suede, butter-smooth, or pebbled leather.

If being a true trendsetter is your goal, you can’t go wrong with any of these handbag lines.

Be ESSE Ethical

If promoting ethics and social justice are your heart’s desire, ESSE has plenty to offer you, and that’s one 2016 handbag trend we’ll happily be part of.

Our fabulous Abury line—from clutches to backpacks (like the one depicted in the image above)—is made in Morocco to empower and educate women.

Gunas of New York, the popular vegan handbag line, puts it right out there in the company’s tagline: “High fashion. Zero cruelty.”TM And, considering the press Gunas gets, calling their bags a 2016 handbag trend isn’t a stretch.

Matt & Nat, our other wildly popular vegan handbag line, works by the motto “Live beautifully.” That includes helping the environment by using materials made from recycled products, keeping them out of landfills.

Vegan leather purses are nothing like the pleather pieces of yesterday; if you haven’t touched one in The Store at ESSE yet, you need to come and see for yourself.

Trend or Statement: What’s Your Bag?

Though handbag trends come and go, well-made statement pieces are fashion forevers. The higher the quality, the longer they last, so they’re literal forever pieces and future family heirlooms. And that’s exactly what the ESSE woman wants!

If you want to set your own new handbag trends, head to the online ESSE store and start shopping now.

Image courtesy of Abury

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