02/11/16 JoAnne


JoAnne Brezinski was dressed for success. One of the first lessons she’d learned at Miss Amity’s Girls School of Business (JoAnne did the advanced, two-year track) was “dress for success, but dress like a lady.” Another was “dress modestly and blend in. Dazzle them with your skills, not your appearance.” Hah! “Forget that,” JoAnne thought to herself as she reapplied her orange-red lipstick in the ladies room near the elevators. “I’ll dazzle them with my skills AND my looks. I can type 120 words a minute just as well in a cute fitted skirt and mohair sweater as in a shirtwaist dress with sensible shoes.”

Coat draped carefully over her left arm, she opened the glass doors to The Goldsmith Co. and stepped confidently into the room. Her orange shoes perfectly matched her orange purse, and when all eyes turned to her, she beamed an orange-red smile. JoAnne might be joining the typing pool, but, by gosh, she’d make a splash!

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