Find Yourself in a Color Matching Your PURSEonality

Discovering your color personality can help you find unique purses and bags that fit you perfectly.

Purseonal style varies depending on circumstance and occasion, though a go-to purse style for daily needs is a must. The Store at ESSE has a unique bag for every purseonality-type, from minimalist (as in a clutch, small crossbody or wristlet) to maximalist (as in “everything but the kitchen sink” totes or backpacks).

But handbags are important for more than function; they’re also a handy way to express personality – especially color personality. Whether you’re the queen of monochrome whose ideal handbag quietly matches your wardrobe or a queen of pop (accessories, not music), who wants her purse to shout, “Look at me” – or someone in between, who prefers a unique purse that purrs – again, ESSE is the place for you.

YOUR Color Personality

Most people have strong color personalities – and purseonalities – and tend to be drawn to the same color (or colors) over and over. Color chameleons might prefer purse wardrobes, with a bag in every color to suit their moods du jour – or a bag of many colors, like the unique Aynek Etselec Mega Tote.

(If you haven’t yet discovered your true color personality, you might want to check out this quick and basic read from Psychology Today.)

For every color that defines you, there exists a plethora of unique purses and bags made to display your unique personality to the world.

Passion for pink

Say you have a passion for pink – which, according to color psychology could mean you have the qualities of softness, kindness, nurturing, and compassion OR you are stylish and sassy with a true joy of life. You might want the uber-feminine yet sturdy-as-luggage Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza in Passion Pink. Or a flirty vegan Gunas Ridley cross body in pink. Or MyWalit’s Copenhagen Shopper in Candy.

Mad about red

Perhaps red is the color that expresses your inner fire, love and warmth, while boldly stating, “Look at me: I’m confident, exciting and intensely interesting.” Red is also a go-to color for lifting your spirits. As Bill Blass famously said, “When in doubt, wear red.” (He also said, less famously, “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.”)

We dare you to carry our unique Kent Stetson “Heels” clutch in red and NOT feel confident – you’d better, because you’ll turn every head in the room. Or how about a red hands-free Matt & Nat Abiko clutch or the Matt & Nat Orford block tote in blaze? Eye-catching but oh-so functional vegan chic.

Basic black

But maybe black is the color of your true love’s hair, or at least the color you most like to wear – and carry. Though unique bags in a rainbow of colors are the norm at ESSE, black beauties dot the spectrum. Chemical Wedding’s Eve Wallet Bag is one. Anything from Alchemy Goods is basically black, and Wooly Bison’s Black Galaxy backpack purse is a wonder.

Palette of Purseonality

Perhaps your sunshiny, happy personality with your love for learning and sharing knowledge makes you yearn for yellow. Or your sensitive, reliable and serene aspects with a desire for harmony make you bonkers for blue. You’ll find something to please at ESSE. Grounded by green? Got you covered. Powered by purple? Emboldened by brown? Excited by orange? Check out the rainbow of lovely leathers from Lola Falk to find a hue for you.

Unique purses in colors from nature and the imagination pop in The Store at ESSE.

Whatever your color purseonality, ESSE’s got you covered whether you walk through the door in Little Rock or shop the online store for unique purses and bags. Color yourself lucky you found this site!

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