03/31/16 Vivian


“Mother, hurry! We’ll miss the newsreel and all the good seats will be taken!” Vivian had waited far too long to see It Happened One Night to take a chance on missing anything or having less than optimal seats. Movies took forever to get to Ames, Iowa, these days, and she was all dressed up and ready to go. She and her mother were both madly in love with Clark Gable, but Vivian was just as excited to see that elegant Claudette Colbert and what she might be wearing – and carrying. Vivian was confident that even a glamorous movie star couldn’t have a purse any nicer than the black-and-white beauty her grandparents had given her for her 18th birthday last week. She was shocked at them spending that kind of money on a purse during the depression, but Granddaddy’s store was doing well, and, gee, she thought it was just swell of them.
Her dress might be last year’s and her heels a little run-down, but she knew no one would notice when they saw what was swinging from her arm. “Mother! Let’s go!”

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