06/02/16 Gretchen


Gretchen knew when she entered what was probably her last fly-fishing competition that she stood a very good chance of winning. She’d grown up at the river with her dad, grandad (who called fly fishing “the sport of kings”) and brothers, and she knew that at 22 she could out-fish them all. So it was no surprise to add the big trophy to her collection in her father’s den. But the cash prize! Oh, my gosh – $5,000 would go a long way for a girl fresh out of college. She could buy some furniture for her little apartment in Seattle, pay her mom back for that slinky evening dress at Nordstrom’s that Gretchen didn’t need but wanted desperately for graduation night – she could do all kinds of things. But first on her list was another trip to Nordstrom’s for that Etienne Aigner shoulder bag that looked (to Gretchen) like a feminine fisherman’s basket. She’d lusted for it and now she’d own it. The 1970s were looking very good so far!

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