06/30/16 Heidi


Heidi had never felt cuter in her life. She’d never been terribly confident about her appearance, but tonight, on her 30th birthday, she looked damn good and she knew it. And from the way heads turned when she and Dan entered what would be the first club of the night, she knew it wasn’t her imagination. How exciting! The kids were back in Iowa with her parents, and here they were in New York for the weekend. Her gold satin jumpsuit might make trips to the ladies room a bit more difficult, but the way it hugged her curves – and the way Dan whistled when he saw her – made it worth any inconvenience. Her green shoes, which so perfectly matched the most darling purse ever, were a great last-minute find. Dan had actually spotted them in a store window near their hotel and insisted she buy them. “Waiter, waiter, excuse me – I’ll have a Cosmopolitan. Dan, honey, what would you like?” Dan grinned. “Well, look at you ordering for us. Guess my little wife is sophisticated woman now. You sure look like it.” He leaned over to kiss her before telling the waiter he’d have a Crown and Coke.

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