07/14/16 Mimi


“Hurry, kids! Your father’s got the motor running already. You know how impatient he gets, and we can’t have the station wagon overheating before we even leave the driveway!” Mimi waited approximately 30 seconds, then resumed her yelling from the bottom of the stairs. “Girls! Now! I swear, we’ll head to the beach without you if you’re not down – there you are, sleepy heads. We’ve got a long drive ahead of us.” The girls, pillows under their arms, stomped to the car and slammed their doors. “Ugh, teenagers,” Mimi said to herself as she dug through her new vacation purse. “Now where are those keys? I know I put them in here.” She pulled her paperback book and sunglasses out and held them under her chin and continued her search. Harry honked the horn. “Hang on, Harry,” she yelled over her shoulder. “I’ve got to – ah! Here they are!”

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