07/28/16 Mary


Mary’s pink wool suit couldn’t fit more perfectly, and with her beautiful brocade wristlet, she didn’t need a bouquet. Beside, her thoughtful husband (well, in a matter of minutes, he would be) had surprised her with a lovely orchid corsage for her lapel. Tom looked a little nervous, but Mary’d never felt more confident in her life as they waited their turn at City Hall. A large wedding would be unseemly, she thought, just coming out of the worst of the Depression, and their parents soon would not only forgive them for eloping, they’d appreciate the frugal approach the young couple chose. Within they hour, they’d be Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis, and en route from Buffalo Niagara Falls. It might not be far, but it would be someplace – a real honeymoon! They’d call their parents once they’d arrived. Mary’s reverie was broken by the clerk’s loud bark: “Next! Davis wedding? You’re up.” She squeezed Tom’s hand as they stood, then smoothed her skirt. The next phase of life would begin just through that doorway.

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