08/11/16 Julianne


Broken heart notwithstanding, Julianne knew it was time to move on. She’d assumed Jack would propose after their graduation ceremony, not break up with her so they could start their “real lives,” as he’d put it. “Well, I never!” was all her mother could say when Julianne told her the news. Not that Juli had gone to the University of Mississippi looking to earn her “Mrs. degree,” as so many of her friends had – quite the contrary. She was serious about her education and remained serious, even after falling madly in love with Jack her sophomore year. They’d talked about becoming law partners in Atlanta or Memphis someday, a path she knew would be hard for a young woman in the south, but one she knew she could trip down lightly with Jack at her side. Now she was back in Hattiesburg, a woman scorned but with a 4.2 GPA and law school ahead of her. She looked at her new red wicker purse, the one her daddy brought home as a cheer-me-up offering, and smiled. “Well, let’s get on with it,” she said aloud, as she began transferring the contents of her old red purse into her new one. ‘New purse, new chapter, new degree, new life. New me!”

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