09/01/16 Lorelei


Lorelei was giddy with excitement. Eighteen years old and headed to Memphis, to the Lafayette Music Room in Overton Square, to be exact, to dance the night away, legally! And drink Kir Royales legally with her three best girlfriends. The last of the bunch to turn 18, she’d grown tired of the “young ’un” jokes. She’d look anything but like a kid with her fabulous Moyna wristlet from her Aunt Kate and pink satin hot-pants jumpsuit! (“My mother could sew professionally,” she’d told her friends when describing her outfit.) Lorelei could hardly wait. Buddy was none too happy his little girlfriend was taking off the for big city with her gal pals, but he could just get over it. She’d waited much too long for this, and her parents had even paid for the hotel room! Suzette’s VW Super Beetle was packed to the brim, and they’d head out as soon as the last bell rang. Who cared if they only had AM radio in the bug? They’d sing their hearts out the entire way. Only 10 more minutes!

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