09/08/16 Maybelline


Maybelline hated her name – despised it with such intensity that she’d spent her life cringing whenever she heard it called. Hated it to the point that, given the opportunity in junior high, she told everyone she went by “Lina” after the glamorous Lena Horne. (Thank heavens that had stuck!) Lina did everything in her power to exude charm and grace and sophistication to fight against her parents’ lapse in judgment. If they’d wanted to honor her Aunt Mabel so badly, why didn’t they just give her Mabel as a middle name? Oh, well. At 25, she was proud of Lady Lina, as she often thought of herself, and she was impeccably careful with her clothing, her mannerisms, her accessories. Like her new party handbag, which hung so gracefully from her arm. She could hardly wait to carry it to her husband’s company party this evening – it was worth the drive to St. Louis for shopping. Now if the band just wouldn’t play Chuck Berry’s new hit, “Maybelline,” and make her lose her cool. She just couldn’t keep from dancing when she heard that crazy cat’s music, and she knew Walter would proudly blow her cover if that song started up. Actually, maybe Maybelline was finally a interesting name, Lina thought. “It’s just NOT me.”

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