09/30/16 Becky


Becky sighed as she gave her favorite summer bag one last swipe with Pledge and a soft rag. The Tuesday after Labor Day meant the first day of school for the children and time to put away summer things for her. Her trusty black and white wicker purse from Hong Kong (what a great buy three years ago!) had carried her through another year. She loved that purse. But where had the summer flown? She’d waited so long for all three to be in school, and this year even little Billy was in kindergarten half a day, which meant she’d have time to take up golf again, maybe even tennis. So why did she feel a bit blue? “OK, the outside of the bag looks spotless,” she thought to herself, admiring it one last time. “Now I’ll clean the inside, drop in a mothball, and she’ll be ready to pack away for another winter. But what the – yuck, is that gum? Those kids!” Becky headed to the refrigerator for the aluminum ice tray. With luck and perseverance, that nasty Dubble Bubble would come right out. For some reason, that spot of stickiness lifted her spirits. “Out, out, damned spot!”

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