10/20/16 Becky


“Oh, Frank, look, this is perfect for Mother. She’ll adore it, and it’s a perfect thank you gift. We can afford it, can’t we? The company is paying for our hotel and your food – and I wouldn’t even be here with you if she hadn’t agreed to keep our three boys for two weeks. That’s above and beyond.” “A purse? You want to get her a purse? Let’s get her a souvenir, something that says ‘Spain, 1965.’” “George Franklin Thompson, first of all, how long have you known my mother? Have you ever seen a knick-knack in her house? We are not knick-knack people. And that’s not just a purse – it’s a fine leather handbag made in Spain and bought in Madrid! She’ll love it, and she can show it to all her friends.” (“And someday,” Becky thought to herself, “I can inherit it. Win/win?”) “Sorry! Fine, the purse it is. Look up ‘Do you take travelers checks’ in that little book of yours …”

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