10/27/16 Rachel


Rachel had never made a better purchase in her life, she just knew it. And what a relief to find that the gorgeous green purse she’d longed for all these months (at least three!) was still on the shelf when she’d finally saved enough money. All those shifts in the airplane plant were even more worth it now. Sure, being part of the war effort is great, she thought to herself, but a girl is always a girl in her heart of hearts. “And now I’m a glamorous one, to boot.” Oh, I said that aloud, she thought, turning as pink as the collar of her dress. No one seemed to notice – the sales clerk was too busy counting the last bit of change she’d spilled onto the counter along with her collection of small bills. “Yes, madame, you have exactly the correct amount,” the clerk with the slight foreign accent said, smiling. “Would you care for a box or a bag?” “Oh,” Rachel said, “I want to carry it now. It’s going to be my good luck charm – and today is my lucky day. Could you just put this old thing in a bag, please?” Rachel handed over her worn brown bag with a happy sigh.

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