11/03/16 Elise


Elise looked at herself in the mirror one last time. Purple wool suit perfectly situated? Check. Lipstick straight, teeth clean? Check. Fabulous new purse that made her look like the adult she know felt herself to be? Check. With a satisfied nod, she headed off to meet her husband at the title company to close on the purchase of their first house. Robert was excitedly pacing the outer office when Elise arrived, just as the title officer stepped out to greet them. “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Hansberry, right this way! We’ve got your paperwork and keys all ready. Just a few signatures, and you are homeowners. Any questions? All right, first, sign here and here. Robert Hansberry and Mrs. Robert Hansberry …” “Excuse me? I do have a question – no, I have a name! I’m Elise Hansberry, not Mrs. Robert Hansberry. Could we change that?” “Elise! Please! Just sign. Let’s not make waves.” Elise shot her husband a look, then turned to Mr. Jones. “Fine. I’ll sign, but you can keep your pen. I’ve got my own – with MY name on it.” Elise snapped open her handbag to retrieve her engraved cartridge pen, a college graduation present from her husband, and signed with a flourish: Mrs. Robert Hansberry (Elise).

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