11/10/16 Emily


Emily looked at her hands in her fingerless lace gloves. Those, with her bustier (a la Madonna) and tutu-style skirt, were probably much too girlish and flirty for her first company Christmas party. A shopping trip would hurt her budget but was definitely called for. At least she had her first, exquisite grown-up evening bag to build her outfit around. She’d been beyond shocked to open her birthday present from her parents to discover a silver Whiting & Davis shoulder bag! Though her grandmother had a fabulous one from the 1920s, she never dreamed she’d own one herself. “All right, let me think about options,” Emily said to herself. “I could go sparkly and strappy and short, but all the girls in the secretarial pool would talk about me. Ooh, or a fuchsia ruched dress with a silver belt and shoulder pads out to here! That would be divine. I’ll bet Mother can make me one if I can’t find one in the stores. And I’ll look just like one of the gals on ‘Dallas’!” Emily grabbed her princess phone to call her mother to make a shopping date for Saturday.

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