12/1/16 Peggy


Peggy knew she shouldn’t pout or pine – most husbands in the company didn’t even take their wives on business trips to Toledo, much less to Italy. But somehow her Robert had finagled his way into bringing Peggy to Rome! All she’d had to do was serve as hostess at a couple of evening events and type up some notes from a few meetings. The rest of the time, when Robert was working, she was on her own to sightsee (and fend off a few advances from handsome young Italian men and randy old ones). That’s when she’d come across the evening bag of her dreams, the one that haunted her. She’d taken Robert back to the shop to show him, but he’d regretfully told her it was out of their price range – he had had to pay for her airfare himself, after all. She guessed her complimentary Pan Am bag would have to do as a souvenir. Deep in thought on the last day of the trip, she looked out the window and sighed, just as the hotel door opened loudly and her husband shouted, “Sorpresa!” Robert pulled her bag from the store bag and beamed. Peggy burst into tears of happiness.

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