12/9/16 Rebecca


“Oh, honey, look! This was your Grammy’s ‘going away’ purse for her honeymoon in 1947! And see, right here inside is a picture of Grammy and your great-grandfather. You never met him, but wasn’t he handsome?” Ginny’s eyes grew big. “Grandma, can I have that purse for my very own? I’ll take care of it.” Rebecca smiled at her granddaughter. “Oh, Ginny, I think 10 is a bit too young, but I’ll save it for you until you’re 16. How’s that? It’s only right that Grammy’s first great-granddaughter, who was named after her, too, should have her honeymoon purse. Deal?” “Deal! I can’t wait to tell my friends.” Rebecca smiled again, then pointed back to the photo. “Look at Grammy’s going-away suit – isn’t it lovely? She made it herself for their trip to Hot Springs. They had a three-day honeymoon and even stayed at the Arlington!” “Three days! And right here in old Arkansas? What kind of honeymoon was that?” “A lovely one, honey. Times were different then.”

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