2/25/16 Margaret


Margaret began planning her outfit as soon as she learned the date her husband would arrive. The last two years had been hell, for Darren, of course – he didn’t even believe in war. He was an English lit major, for heaven’s sake. But stateside, Margaret had been in her own special hell every day, wondering if the man she adored would return undamaged. Or at all.
Now she knew: He would teach again, just minus one leg below the knee. Margaret couldn’t think about that, so she focused was on making him happy by looking beautiful when he came rolling in from the plane. Darren loved her in green – he always said she looked like a red-haired mermaid in her pale green suit that set off her eyes.
So the green suit it would be, set off by the delicious green handbag her adorable mother-in-law bought her for the reunion. She’d already stocked it with two hankies. Only two more days.

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