03/03/16 Suzette


Suzette could hardly contain her excitement. Here she was, 15 years old and going to the senior prom! What did it matter that Jeff was her next-door neighbor who couldn’t be bothered to ask a “real girl,” as he put it, to be his date? So what if she only had one week’s notice? So what if he was more like a brother than she’d wished her first date to be? She would be at the SENIOR prom, a vision of vintage loveliness in the strapless pink chiffon dress her mother had worn to her prom in 1950 – carrying her grandmother’s fabulous pink shoulder bag she’d bought for a fancy occasion in the 1940s! The year might be 1970, but Suzette felt ethereal and timeless. With her vintage French twist, she knew she looked mature beyond her years, as long as she remembered to smile with her mouth closed to hide her braces.
She put on one more coat of pastel pink lip gloss, dropped it into her pink purse and snapped it shut. Just then, Jeff knocked on the door. It was time!

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