03/24/16 Betty Jo


Betty Jo Miller found it hard to believe it had been 10 years since she was homecoming queen at the University of Arkansas. “Seems like just yesterday I was Betty Jo Clark twirling my baton in my cute little outfit and cheering Ray Miller on as he scored touchdowns,” she thought to herself as she shopped for the perfect suit to wear on the field next month. How nice that the past 20 years of queens were being honored at this year’s homecoming, especially since the Razorbacks were having such a great season! She’d already found the perfect red bag and would wear her neat white go-go boots, no matter what Raymond said. She still looked good after two babies, and the way she saw it, Ray should be proud of her choice to be sassy. He sure did love her in her majorette boots back in the ’50s – just the thought of that made her smile.
Now, if she could just find a slim red suit or coat dress with white trim and buttons, she would be in Hog heaven!

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