04/14/16 Mitzi


“If you don’t get picked today, you’re going to have to give up and get a ‘real job,’” Mitzi told herself sternly. Even being an extra would be something, but she really had her heart set on a speaking line, at least one. “If ‘perky and vivacious’ is what they’re looking for, that’s what I’ll give them. I’ve certainly got the purse for it – this bag is an eye-catcher. And with my bright yellow dress, fluffy petticoat and bouncy ponytail, I just dare anyone to out perk me! “But wait – maybe I should go with my black capris and top and red flats. Yes, yes, that’s the way to go! Modern and perky. I’ll keep the ponytail, and the black will make this quirky purse pop. I just know I’ll get something today – how can I not stand out from the crowd with a purse made of telephone cords? I’m so glad I bought it, even if it took every bit of my tip money from the last two weeks.” Mitzi smiled. She knew today was her day.

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