04/21/16 Edie


“Oh, my god, Edie, where did you get that purse – the vintage shop over by the university? Or is it, like, some old hippie purse from your mom’s closet?”

Edie rolled her eyes. “Duh, Allison – it’s not vintage, dude, it’s, like, an antique or something. At least 45 or 50 years old. My grandmother gave it to me – see her initials on it? EDW – Edie Dianne Watson. I’m named after her, you know.” All the girls leaned in for a closer look. “She said her father had it hand-tooled to match her saddle the second year she won rodeo queen, which is probably true, but she’s always trying to psych me out, so … whatever. I think it’s really cool and looks great with my Pearl Jam T-shirt, don’t you?” Edie hopped up and down with excitement. “Can you believe the concert is tonight? If we can squeeze to the front of the mosh pit, do you think Eddie Vedder will notice it – and like it? I think he wi – shit, that’s the warning bell! Run. We can’t have detention hall today of all days!”

Edie took off like a shot, with her leather shoulder bag flying behind her.

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