05/05/16 Evelyn


Evelyn felt a little down as she looked at her favorite purse, the one she’d bought in 1953 to cheer herself up after her mother died. It hadn’t worked but she still loved that bag. Her first “mature” handbag, and she’d been 43 when she bought it. Now she was 50 and her mother had been gone seven years. How did that happen? Well, life goes on, and she knew she should feel lucky that her friends and family wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party. She wasn’t supposed to know, of course, but nobody was very good at keeping secrets. She’d known something was up for at least two weeks. Evelyn didn’t want to ruin the surprise, though, so instead of buying a party dress and cute bag, she’d bought a glorious brown tweed suit that accentuated her still-trim-at-50 (50!!) figure. And she’d had her hair done in a French twist and bought brown leather gloves to boot. Her outfit was perfect and she knew she looked good, but she wondered what Freud would say about the brown. She heard Dan come through the front door – the story was that he was taking her to eat at the new French restaurant then to a play. She knew better. But she’d make sure she jumped when everyone yelled “Surprise!”

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