05/26/16 Darlene


“Can you hear that whistle down the line? I reckon that it’s engine no. 49. It’s the only one that sounds that way,” Darlene sang as loudly as she could in her best Judy Garland voice as she danced around her room. She was beyond excited about the dance tonight – exuberant was a better word for her state of mind. Ted was home from the war and things were just swell. Her orange shoes matched her glorious handbag, but she suspected she’d kick them off when things got to jumping, as they were sure to do with the fabulous big band’s music. Though they were just local boys, Darlene thought the band sounded as good as Tommy Dorsey or even Glenn Miller when they really got going. She was going to dance her legs off. She was 23, she might be in love, and 1946 was going to be a very good year.

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