06/23/16 Carmella


Carmella was nervous. She’d never been out of Italy before, and here she was, stepping off the ship that had carried her so far to her new life in Washington, DC. Her first surprise was the heat – late June in Washington seemed to be as hot as late June in Naples. She could feel the sweat growing under the wide-brimmed raffia hat that matched her new purse. Oh! There – there was Zia Bettina, ‘No, Aunt Bettina,” Carmella corrected herself. English only on American soil, she’d promised herself, and even though, technically, she was on a dock, she must remember. ‘Hello, I am so happy to see you,” she said under her breath as she waved excitedly to her aunt. Bettina had married an American soldier after World War II; now he had a good job in the nation’s capitol. All she had to do was pass her interview at the Italian embassy, and Carmella had a good job, too. She took a deep breath, held onto her hat, and ran toward her aunt.

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