08/04/16 Lucy


Lucy strummed her fingers lightly on the top of her sturdy but elegant purse, keeping time with the rhythm of the commuter train. Usually she read on her way to work, but today her mind was on other things. Just last night she’d signed up to volunteer at the women’s center, two nights a week starting next week. She’d have to tell her husband tonight. Dwayne wouldn’t much like it, but she didn’t care. Lucy loved Dwayne, but she didn’t much like him right now. He’d get over it, though – and she’d been upfront when she accepted his proposal and told him that she’d be a different kind of wife from what his mother had been. This is 1971, after all, and women have changed, at least this woman. Tomorrow night they had dinner with the Tompkins; Lucy adored Millie Tompkins, who sat by her at work and had taken her to her first women’s center meeting. They knew they were lucky Dwayne and Stan hit it off so well.

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