08/18/16 Candace


Candace could hardly believe how fast freshman year had flown by. “I wonder what everyone thinks of this little Arkansas girl now,” she said to herself as she walked through the doors of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “They said I wouldn’t be accepted to the school or by the people. Hah! Guess I showed them.” She pulled her new summer purse a little more snugly under her arm, gazed at what little she could see of the sky through the tall buildings and decided to go for a long walk before heading back to the little apartment she shared with five other girls. Three were stewardesses, so rarely were all five home at the same time, and when they were, they made it work – plus, the rent fit her limited budget. Her family had begged her to come back to Pine Bluff for the summer, but she knew she’d made the right decision to stay and work in a department store. Manhattan in 1983 was hot, and she didn’t mean temperature-wise, though she’d heard it could get steamy – nothing like Arkansas heat, of course. Back home, she was cute little Candy, the girl with big dreams. Here, she was Candace Malone, a young woman living her dreams. Maybe she’d go home someday. But not now…

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