08/25/16 Francine


“Must you fight all the time? Children, please, it is so hot!” Francine didn’t see where her children, Bill Jr., Walter, and little Suzy got the energy to bicker, much less fist-fight as the boys did on occasion. She couldn’t wait until her husband got home for good and they could get a little place of their own with his GI Bill financing. Her mother-in-law was gracious and kind, but a woman needs her own space. “Here, now, you stop that! People are looking.” She grabbed Bill Jr. by the shoulder before he could punch Walt again and a full-fledged sidewalk brawl broke out. “I just might have three Tootsie Pops in my handbag, if you all can behave in church today. I know I have Lifesavers. But you’ve got to be sweet to earn sweets.” She still could hardly believe she’d splurged on her new summer purse, but, oh, speaking of sweet! It had whispered her name in the store, stopping her in her tracks, and before she knew it, it was hers. “Walter! Did you just pinch Suzy?” Lordy, these kids. If anyone deserved a treat, she did – and she might just eat their candy, too.

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