10/07/16 Sherry & Charlene


“Sherry! Look – I swear, this is Aunt Charlene’s old purse! Remember, the one she made in that decoupage class back in, what, 1964 or so that we used to laugh about? I’d recognize it anywhere.” “Oh, please, Debbie. How on earth would that purse get from Warren, Ark., to a vintage store in Nashville, Tenn.?” Sherry laughed, then looked more closely. “Wait a minute. You may be right. Here, let me reach it; if I stretch real, there! I’ve got it, just hang on a sec. OK, if it’s hers, it’ll have her fancy initials inside. Remember how she always painted that on all her art?” The cousins held their breath unconsciously as Sherry undid the latch. “Oh! Look at that,” Debbie said. “Well, I’ll be.” Inside the purse was an ornate “CAW.” “Now how will we solve this mystery? With Mama and Aunt Charlene both gone, there’s nobody to ask” Sherry said. “But Aunt Charlene did get around. Mama said she wore Granny to a flat frazzle sometimes.”

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