12/15/16 Clarinda


Clarinda could not believe her good fortune – who’d have thought her aunt would have jade earrings to perfectly match the clasp on her perfect silk clutch! Willis might not have noticed (typical man) until Etheline pointed it out when he picked her up, but Geraldine and Ruthie noticed the minute they walked into the Christmas dance. To his credit, Willis had exclaimed, “Ooh, girl, you look just like a present under the tree with that red dress and gold purse and shoes. I can’t wait to show you off.” And show her off he did; once the music started, they danced 45 minutes straight, stopping only when the band took a break after a rousing version of Count Basie’s “One O’Clock Jump.” As they headed over to grab some punch (Willis had a little flask of vodka to give it a kick), Clarinda pulled off her borrowed earrings and dropped them in her clutch to give her throbbing earlobes a rest. They might be perfect, but those big clip-ons hurt like hell!

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