Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women Under $50 and Men Under $55

It’s already February and with the busy schedule that accompanies the New Year, ESSE wants to take the stress of finding a unique Valentine’s Day gift off your “To Do” list. No matter who you’re buying for, be it an old flame or a new spark, romantic gifts are not limited to flowers and candy alone! Not only does ESSE’s carefully curated Store give you a variety of choices but we also know the importance of a budget. Careful spending does not mean you have limited options! Here are just SOME items available in The Store at ESSE to make a heart melt!

Gifts for Women Under $50

Art Glass Earrings (variety of colors and styles)- $10 (Every day!)

Bonjour Silk Scarf- On Sale! $21

Cathayana Eyeglasses Case- $25 (Cardholder- $19)

Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by 100 Years of Cooking in a Black Family (Hardback)- $30

Oropopo Leather Chevron Earrings- $35

Trovelore Beaded Pins- $36

R. Nichols Large Soy Blend Candle- $38

100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman- $40

Vintage Postcards- $45


Gifts for Men Under $55

Chrome Industries Utility Pack- $20

HP Bike Chain Cufflinks- $24

MyWalit Italian Leather Cardholder- $30

Vacavaliente S2 Wallet- $32

Izola iPad Media Pouch- $35

Backerton Printmaker Wallet- $38

DamnDog Bi-fold Wallet- $40

Harvest Label Urban Cross Pack- $54.95

Wurkin Stiffs Microfiber Pocket Square/Handkerchief- $55

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