Valentine’s Day Jewelry at ESSE

Esse is not just a museum, we also have a carefully curated Store that is more than your average “gift shop.” With over 1,000 items in our Store, we have something to suit many tastes and price points! We offer an extensive selection of jewelry from local and international artists! Leather jewelry made by New Mexico-based Oropopo, one-of-a-kind artisan pieces by South Korean designer Myung Orso and even Esse’s own Ally Weaver and CC Mercer, we have the perfect accessory for any occasion!


  1. Inteplei Taco Necklace
  2. Oropopo: Open Seed Pod in Silver or Gold (pictured)
  3. Linda May: Felt in Black and White
  4. Ally Weaver: Steel Swirl
  5. Beyond Threads Juliet: Gray
  6. Klamir: Black Rubber
  7. Italianissimo: Venezia Lungo


  1. Keith Lewis: Pyramid Dangles
  2. Megan Patrice Riley Posts: Graduated Circles (pictured)
  3. Italianissimo Pebble: Black
  4. Inteplei: Taco Duo Dangle
  5. Biba Schultz: Lee
  6. Chickenscratch: Crabby
  7. Myung Orso: Asymmetry

Bracelets and Broaches

  1. Sarah Cavandar: Stainless Spider Broach
  2. Trovelore Beaded Brooches (pictured)
  3. Gustov Reyes: Oval Wooden Cherry Cuff
  4. IS Felt Gear Cuff: Fuchsia
  5. Silvana K. Celtic Cuff
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