09/22/16 "Art of Handbags" Closing Reception


This past Thursday we celebrated the closing of Kent Stetson's temporary exhibit, The Art of Handbags. Guests were treated to delicious appetizers and champagne. They also had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with the one and only, Kent Stetson!

Here is a quick look at the exhibit:

dsc_5822comp dsc_5844comp

"Splash" the clutch that started it all. This design in the first bag that Stetson created and it led him to transition from creating two dimensional work to three dimensional objects!

dsc_5835comp dsc_5826comp

"Leiberace" pays homage to both Judith Leiber and Liberace. It  incorporates thousands of Preciosa Czech crystals that were donated by John F. Allen & Son, Inc.


"Loss" exaggerates a feeling that most of us can relate to when your items fall to the bottom of  your bag and become difficult to retrieve. Its large scale also references a coffin, which adds another layer to the feeling of "Loss."

dsc_5897comp dsc_5884comp

"Heal" counters "Loss" and is in the shape of a doctor's bag. The adhesive bandages further the narrative of healing after a physical or emotional loss.


"Topographic" and "Ize" round out Stetson's exhibit.

"Topographic" is an installation that references "Frank Stella’s early geometrical abstract black paintings, Elizabeth Murray’s shaped canvas paintings, and Cornelia Parker’s suspended sculpture"

"Ize" is a video/performance that is both philosophical and transportive.

Here is a shot of Kent answering guest questions and offering further thoughts on his work.


Some serious shopping also took place as guests were inspired by Stetson's exhibit.

dsc_6032comp dsc_6038comp dsc_6044comp

Just look at all these smiling faces! A good time was definitely had by all!

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