Where to Find Cool Backpacks This Fall

Where’s THE place for cool backpacks? The Store at ESSE, of course!

Though they’ve never really fallen out of favor, backpacks are back in fashion in a big way this fall, and few places offer more cool backpack options than The Store at ESSE Purse Museum. From cool backpacks for guys to dressy, fashion-forward backpacks for women to cute, cool backpacks for kids – ESSE has them all. Need a backpack for a bicyclist or vegan? Looking for something waterproof? ESSE has those, too.

Cool Backpack Makers

For the leather-lover with an eye for color, Mywalit’s fine Italian leather backpack purses are sure to make your eyes light up. Add a Mywalit wallet and keychain for a colorfully chic yet hip matched set.

Roche’s fabulous purple and black leather backpack purse that resembles an Art Deco radio might flip your switch, or maybe it’s a hippie-chic Chemical Wedding leather backpack purse that’s the trigger for your happy dance.

Or maybe you need a cool backpack for women with a sturdier, more rugged feel –Wooly Bison might be right up your alley with waxed canvas construction complemented by leather straps and accented with various fabrics. They’re as strong as the name implies and good-looking as heck.

Another casual, convenient option is the waxed cotton duck and leather three-way backpack/tote/shoulder bag from xobruno. The almost industrial design includes a surprising pop of whimsy from the ticking-stripe lining.

One of the cooler backpacks in the store is unisex, very retro, and quite simple in design: a heavy-duty red cotton and brass offering from Izola. You’ll feel ready to hike the Alps with the Swiss-Army-style design.

Eco-Friendly Backpacks

For those concerned with helping the environment, The Store at ESSE offers assorted recycled material backpacks. Alchemy Goods’ unisex backpack made from recycled innertubes amps the coolness level to “extremely,” while Mosey’s colorful backpack purses made from recycled plastic bottles (with small leather accents from LITE facilities – as in, Low Impact to the Environment) offer smaller-scale comfort and even convert to regular purses for convenience.

For vegans or anyone looking for a fashion-forward bargain, Matt & Nat vegan backpacks in assorted styles and colors are elegant and conservative enough for a formal office setting without giving up the “cool backpacks for women” vibe. And since they’re made of earth-friendly, non-leather materials, they look like a million bucks but hardly make a dent in your wallet.

Backpacks for Kids

Cool backpacks for kids also come in earth-friendly products at ESSE, too, in the form of the cutest little critters you’ve ever seen. Made by Smateria from recycled netting, recycled plastic, and “leather leftovers,” they’re so darn clever, kids might have to wrest them away from their older siblings or parents!

Chrome Backpacks

And then there’s Chrome. The variety of cool backpacks for guys – or gals who bike or hike – in The Store at ESSE offers something for every need. From very structured to unstructured to waterproof, in basic black or the brightest of colors, Chrome backpacks are made to last and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Whatever your backpack need this fall, we guarantee you’ll find it in The Store at ESSE. Browse the backpack collection in our online store and call 501-916-9022 if you need help picking one out.